Three years from now, there will be a movie called Covid Spring. it will star an actor like Channing Tatum, and it will be a box office blockbuster.

Ford Stock will have tripled (or higher; 15+), and I will have missed that wave, because money is not my god.

We will get through this pandemic, because the CDC will have adopted mandatory face mask wear, unlike the currently voluntary requirement that exists. This will first be preceded by the Defense Production Act producing enough supplies to sustain the Healthcare industry. There will be exceptions; for those who medically can’t, and the sovereign citizens among us who think they are invincible. Not that the mask will save you. That’s just what they will tell you.

Trust, but verify. That’s a saying that goes for most situations, I think. Jesus trusted that His people weren’t making a den of thieves of His house, but then went and discovered it – does His anger announce surprise? I think it has more to do with the fact that God intentionally forgets our sins.

All of these things happening now may seem silly in the years ahead, but there is something very striking about this age that I think is different from the past – there is so much information. So. Much.

“History is told by the victors” is a famous quote in history class. If Nazi Germany had succeeded in their cause for the Aryan race, what kind of world would we be in? If the Khan dynasty continued to grow and held its mark, what kind of world would we be in? What do you do when history is being told by the guy sitting at Starbucks who’s lost his job, but is making ends meet by writing columns for a popular newspaper with an agenda bent on profit and fear?

Better question, more prevalent today: what kind of world will we live in, if China continues to desecrate its people under an order seen as less than democracy? There’s already talk of the fallout of the virus and its effect on our world, strictly because of China.

Today, Trump paused the World Health Organization funds from the US – I imagine in the future, this will be the starting timeline for a chain link of events leading to the fall, changeover or widespread acknowledgement that China and US Imperialism/Nationalism are Yin and Yang, but this action related to the Coronavirus has disrupted the balance. What a world we will live in…

Speaking of Trump – he could be a lot better at what he does. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like him, and saying that doesn’t necessarily mean that I do. As a former Airman, a current employee, a husband and a father – I know that I don’t always call the shots. I can warn, advise, plan and develop alternatives, but there is one thing that very few people have right now in a crisis – experience. Trump has experience, being President. A good one? Eh, not really. But, if I’m hiring a new person for the most difficult job, against another person (intentionally gender-neutral) who has experience and didn’t burn the place down, and there’s a time crunch and they won’t be there forever and the only other choice is another thief, waffling, socialist, naive politician – I’ll take my chances. He is at least surrounding himself with people who are very knowledgeable. And as long as he listens to them, or the cohort of governors making things happen in a bipartisan matter, we’ll be okay. Speaking of which, Trump will probably be reelected. There will probably be an uproar; or the beginning of a new age of resentment and the downfall (opposite of a stock rally) of the US government. Not that I want it that way. But how many times can you do the same thing over and over, and expect the American public to forget? Watch the movie Bloodshot. Even if you program that in, you’re bound to slip up. Surprise, that guise you call the economy that the government has blinded us all for the last several decades with, the thing that seems to be slipping currently (maybe not just because it has to), is revealing the statue of control behind the veil.

There isn’t a government like ours, in every way. We aren’t perfect, and there is a lot of good that we do. We just have to work together through that. The saddest thing about modern democracy is that we still don’t understand that our rights as people clash – your right to blow up fireworks until 2am on the 4th of July (if you call that a right), interferes with many people’s right to health, wellness and sleep. Think of the old people, children and dogs.

Can we accept that sometimes there is no answer? What does a programmer tell an autonomous car to do, given this situation: autonomous vehicle with a sleeping driver driving on a one lane road on a mountain, and a child is in the middle of the road; at speed the car cannot stop before impacting the child, as the road takes up the lane of travel, and the only other choice is to slam into the guardrail, and hope it doesn’t break, sending the passenger to their death. Who dies?

Love your neighbor as yourself. There isn’t a right answer here. We can agree to disagree, but we must also give way to one another, and be mindful of our give and take. We must take stock of what we’ve taken, and give away the excess. Is it a surprise then that God commands us to do so? And that He empowers us in the core of our being to do so. Amazing.

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