Dear Law Enforcement

Not everyone hates you. The rhetoric you hear before you on the thin blue line is the noise of your brothers and sisters who are hurting. When you are hurt, it is difficult to put to words, the things that are most important. It doesn’t mean that what they are trying to say is not important. I know you know that; you wake up tirelessly everyday with the wisdom of the sheepdog, looking after the flock, even if they don’t know what’s best for them. Even if they bite, you don’t bite back. Remember, and never forget this; because you will come out stronger because of it.

You’ve had only a little to do with the world that has evolved around you; but you’ve been a resolute protector notwithstanding. Every. Single. Day.

There are bad people in this world. There are bad teachers. There are bad fathers. Bad Lawyers, bad doctors, bad celebrities, bad governors, bad priests, bad accountants, and bad baby sitters… There’s a lot of bad in this world, and there are certainly a lot of bad police officers.

But like all of these professions, not all of them are bad.

I’ve read a lot of hateful, resentful and ignorant words the last few days… my favorite, “Defund the Police”. And then there was this gem, from Seattle Public schools: “Reevaluate our our relationship with the Seattle Police Department”.

I’m reevaluating my relationship with Seattle Public Schools, too. I digress.

People are scared. People don’t have the answer, and the internet is a fiend… Anonymity gives people the feeling that they can say whatever they want, and do whatever they want. You know this. You know this, because your friends have broken bones, bruises and lacerations from the criminal element of people stealing the important message of change away.

I see you, LEOs. You are not alone.

There is still good in this world, and that message of de-funding comes form a position of “privilege” of the uninformed.

While the exhortation of the unheard permeates your mind, as they are the forefront of this news cycle, the need for change does remain; but let’s do it different, and get back to the basics of human interaction and community building, and away from COMPSTAT policing. Because like any company who cares about their people, people are not numbers. You’re heading in the right direction.

As there are bad actors in all professions, policing is no different. But, the impact that the sheepdog has on this world is felt around the world. We hear your pain, and we want you to know that we support you, and as a friend, we’re here to help, to make the necessary changes to illuminate your character, while like in any profession, weeding out the bad. The irony of that statement, is that because police departments across the nation have such a wide array of differing skills, training, expectations and manpower, getting there will actually likely mean funding the police more.

Last I checked, my master’s degree still cost me 5 very large figures… while education is still not a public good (but perhaps it should be), assisting the police to be any better, will not be cheap. Nor do most realize that the funding for most police department is squarely fixated on labor costs alone… De-funding the police would mean reducing officer counts, and the difficulty of feeling alone and not being able to get to everything was a problem before all of this started

No one grounded in our current position with a level head believes that will all just go away. We can definitely pray for that day to come, as we know that you would love to hang up your hat, only knowing that the ones you love, the ones you get up in the morning to protect and serve, are safe.

So while you go to bed at 5 am only to turn around to go back to work again at 9 am, know that you are not alone, and that there is still hope in this world; Jesus is still King – and I’ve got your back. We’ve got your back. To the men and women in law enforcement, We love you, and we appreciate all that you do to keep us, and even the people that mean to harm you, safe.

Sincerely, Me.

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