Mijos – Jezziah.

Today you read a book with mom and Oakley, while I was making chocolate chip pancakes for Ari. You were reading! And you were doing so well – at only 1 week after being in 1st grade! Totally “mastered” your Kindergarten sight words. I am so proud of you, and I know that your mom feels the same way. You are growing so big, and I know that you will become a God-Fearing Man of God. It was so nice to relax, despite what has been going on lately at work – something I regret, but something I’m taking active steps to try to resolve and change the direction of our lives; without affecting this beautiful growth that I’ve seen in you.

You’re a little shy, but you’re growing into your own. Last week, your 1st grade teacher told me that you were very talkative… I found that surprising, but only because I thought it was funny that my little boy was starting to grow up. Too. Fast. You like to eat “cheese sandwiches” which are really just cut cheese, turkey and mayo on the bread. Except, you tear apart the sandwich for some reason… and eat everything separately. I blame your mom for that. haha. You love Roblox, playing with the iPad and playing games with me (on the computer, or on the PS5). You’re a tender soul, and you love to play! You care deeply about what you do during the day, and you’re excited about school. You and your siblings give me so much joy to see you growing and happy – God has blessed me greatly with your presence, and your love – what a privilege I have of being your father!

Father, please watch over my son Jezziah. He has bad dreams at night sometimes because he gets scared and he’s all alone. Well, with his brother. But, I ask that you would give him courage to seek you, that you would empower him to be your servant, that he would be meek and tender hearted throughout his life, serving others; but also strong and courageous to do the right thing when no one else is looking. I ask that you would be with him, and fill his sails, as he adventures into this life with you. Please comfort him in his days of deep need, and remind him of Your love for him. Please give him strength to see the day for what it is, and to keep learning, keep reaching, and keep becoming the man of God you want him to be. Gracias dios para este dia con mi familia bellisima. In your precious and loving name,


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